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Just four kilometres from Hanedan, Foça - or Phocaea, an attractive seaside fishing village and harbour, was the largest of 12 city-states of the ancient Ionian Confederacy (8th BC onwards). As described by the famous historian Herodotus, "It lies under the world's most beautiful skies". Civilization upon civilization have lived and thrived under these skies; Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans... Today, Foça retains a timeless charm and has lost none of its old world atmosphere, but at the same time it houses all the facilities of a modern day town complementing a unique blend of unspoiled nature, mythology and archaeology. The noble Persian Tomb, Archaeological Digs of the Athena Temple, the harbour fortress and the quaint mosques are a few of the historical attractions.


A boat trip to Siren Rocks is a “must” during your stay in Foça. Legend has it that the SIRENES (or Sirens) were dangerous and devious creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. As Odysseus sailed by these rocks, he bound his men tightly to the mast and plugged their ears with wax so they did not get lured by the Sirens and jump off of the vessel.

Hold tight while you are sailing in the area enjoying the beautiful and mysterious caves, also the numerous birds nesting there.

Foca's ancient name Phocaea, was inspired by the numerous seals (Fok in Turkish) that inhabited the area. These adorable creatures - among the last school of Monk Seals of the Mediterranean - have made the uninhabited islands of Foça their home. So it's not surprising Foça chose to adopt the seal as its symbol. WWF has an observation office in Foça to monitor the activities of this endangered mammal.

Mild Mediterranean Climate ...

Thanks to the cool breezes coming from the sea Foça enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. This is why Foça is able to offer the opportunity of water sports for most of the year. Average summer temperature is around 30 C with water temperatures of 22-24 C.

A paradise for lovers of good food; vegetarians, too ...

Foça is a gourmet’s paradise. Local fishermen bring in daily, the tastiest selection of fresh seafood. As the sun goes down, the catch of the day finds its way to Foça's restaurants. The sizzling sounds that emerge is the call for Raki, a local drink, or a glass of cool white wine. A combination of virgin olive oil, artichoke, and wild herbs creates the flavour of Foça. A wide range of fresh, tasty dishes, suitable for all palates is available at the lively restaurants lined along the seaside.

Foça is a Slow Food town and is home to Turkey’s only Earth Market, which opens on Sundays and only offers locally produced fresh vegetables, grapes, olives and olive oil, home made jams, pastes and preserves.

The regular Foça open market each Tuesday is a real attraction for everyone – reserved men included! Strolling through the colourful stalls presents great photo opportunities. The abundance of fresh garden produce, herbs, nuts, assortment of confectionery and a varieties of Turkish Delight is truly remarkable. Here, one can also find an astonishing variety of merchandise, including local textiles at bargain prices.

Waking up to the daily activity of the fish auction at the fish market, to enjoy the fascinating haggling over the day's catch is also something to be experienced.

Don’t leave Foça without

  • Opening sail to the mysterious Siren Rocks and islands inhabited by seagulls and the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal;
  • Paying a visit to the Persian Mausoleum, the historic town of Foça including the mosques and castle;
  • Strolling through the market on Tuesday
  • Witnessing the fish auction each morning.